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GloryCon 2017

Panel and Workshop Registration

Date/Time: 29 April 2017, 10am - 8pm

Location: Apollo Room, Wright State University Student Union

Convention Entrance Fee for Panelists: $6 (for each)

(If you are already participating in another event as staff, panel, or as a merchant, note there will be no double payment. And if you pre-register as a normal con-goer, then your entrance fee as panelist will override it.)

Discussion Panel: A forum for discussion of a specific topic lead by a host (you) or small group. Visual aids can be used to drive conversation.

Presentation Panel:A presentation made by the host (you) or a small group, with a Q/A or discussion afterward.

Workshop:Workshop: An instructional presentation with short exercises for the audience.

Guidelines, Rules, and FAQ:

  1. Age Requirement: Lead panelists MUST be 18 years or older and the majority of panel presenters must be 18 or over.
  2. Language & Content: All panels not marked 18+ are to be PG-13 and under. Appropriate language and content must be observed. Attendees for 18+ panels will have ID's checked at the door.
  3. Filling out one of these forms counts for only one panel topic. If you would like to apply to host more than one panel, then another form must be submitted. Your entrance fee will not be duplicated.
  4. Payment is at the door the day of GloryCon.
  5. Duplicate Panel Content:
    • Similar panel requests will be given the chance to merge into one panel and/or to adjust the subject so one panel can cover both presenters.
    • If panelists refuse to work together- Glorycon reserves the right to choose which panel receives priority.
  6. Glorycon reserves the right to refuse grant panels to any potential panelist based on content, capacity, time restriction, or prior panel history. You are not guaranteed a spot by registering here.
  7. Scheduling: No time slot is guaranteed until the final schedule is approved
  8. Rescheduling at con:
    • If you cannot make your panel time slot as given in the final schedule, please call ahead to your Glorycon staff contact ( Failure to do so may impact your ability to host a panel at future Glorycon events.
    • If you can make a different time slot than given in the final schedule, an effort will be made to swap your time slot with another panelist.
    • If a time slot swap cannot be made, a back up panelist will be called in to fill your time slot.
  9. Stand-By:
    • If your panel is not chosen for the final schedule, you may be contacted to be a stand-by panelist.
    • As a stand-by panelist, you should be prepared to fill in for a cancelled panel at Glorycon. If you cannot be contacted at the con, the next panelist on our list will be called.
    • Being on the stand-by list does not constitute receiving a reduced price badge. You will still need to buy a normal admission.
  10. Usage: The title of your panel and description entered on this form may be used in a Glorycon programming guide.

Pre-registration will be open through: April 24th

All fields required